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Frequently Asked Questions About Tiffany's Bakery in Clinton, MD

1. When was Tiffany's Bakery founded?
Tiffany's Bakery has been in business since 1978. Edwin and Joy Mejia founded the company, which today remains family owned and operated with three generations of Mejias at the helm. Edwin and Joy's daughters – Yvette, Roxanne and Suzette, as well as their grandson, Kyle — all work in the bakery.

2. Who is Tiffany?
We'd love to tell you a terrific story about how Tiffany was the great, great grandma of one of the owners and known far and wide for her delicious cakes, but unfortunately, that's not the case. In fact, Tiffany doesn't exist, or at least not as part of Tiffany's Bakery in Clinton, Maryland.
Back in 1978 when we began the business, Tiffany's Bakeries, Inc. was a national franchise. In 1983 the national franchise went bankrupt but we were able to purchase the name and therefore continue using it for our business.

3. What products does Tiffany's Bakery offer?
Our specialty is cakes, all sorts. We sell birthday cakes, wedding cakes, decorated cakes, dessert cakes, sculptured cakes, ice cream cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. We also offer cookies and pies, especially during the holiday season.

4. Where are you located?
Our bakery is located at 8904 Simpson Lane, Clinton, Maryland, 20735. Although we're in Clinton, our customers come from all over Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

5. What are your hours?
We're open Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. On Saturday we're open from 10:00 am - 2:00 p.m. We're closed on Sunday. We are closed on Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

6. How do I place a cake order?
You can place your order here on our website, call us at 301-877-9700 or come into the bakery in Clinton, Maryland and order in person.

7. How far in advance do I need to place an order for a cake?
For most cakes, we need just two business days. However, some cakes require specific ingredients and planning and must therefore be ordered well in advance. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Standard Decorated Cakes – 2 business days
  • Classic and Classic Gold Cakes – 2 weeks
  • Sculptured Cakes – at least 3 weeks, preferably more
  • Premier and Fondant Wedding Cakes – at least 2 months, preferably more
  • If you have a last-minute order, please call. We will do our best to accommodate you, although rush fees may apply.

8. What information will you need when I place a cake order?
· Date of your event · How many people to be served
· Design/theme – Take a look at our cake gallery for ideas.
· Any writing you want on the cake
· Flavors you'd like for your cake, icing and filling

9. What is your payment policy?
We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard in our store.

10. Can I make changes to my order after it's been placed?
Standard Decorated Cakes - Changes and cancellations accepted with a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to pick up. A store Credit will be issued for standard cake orders cancelled with 2 business days notice. Your store credit expires one year from the date of issue
Classic and Classic Gold Cakes – Because of the special ingredients that must be ordered and the extra planning and preparation time required to create these cakes, we cannot accept any changes or offer any refunds or store credits. Thank you for your understanding.
Premier and Fondant Wedding Cakes – Changes and cancellations accepted in writing up to 2 weeks prior to wedding.

11. Do you deliver cakes?
We only deliver our Premier and Fondant wedding cakes over 150 servings. All other cakes must be picked up at our bakery located at 8904 Simpson Lane in Clinton, Maryland.

12. Do you have any ready-made cakes I can pick up or do I need to place a custom order?
We always have some generic decorated cakes available in our store, which we can quickly add writing to, but the more elaborate cakes must be ordered in advance.

13. What makes your cakes different than say the cakes sold in other stores?
We use high quality ingredients, and our cake decorators have had many years of specialized training. They are also continually updating their skills by taking cake decorating courses and seminars offered by world-class bakers and decorators. The delicious truth is that our customers tell us our cakes look and taste better than others.

14. What is fondant and how does it compare with buttercream?
Our creamy, light, not too sweet frosting melts in your mouth. This is what we use for most of our decorated cakes." Fondant is a sugar-based frosting that can be rolled and used to cover a cake. It offers more versatility than buttercream. It can be textured, smoothed, left white or tinted any color. You can airbrush it and form it into any shape you want. Fondant looks slightly more elegant and refined, which is why we use it so often on our wedding cakes.

15. Do your cakes need to be refrigerated?
Our tres leche cakes and strawberry shortcakes must be refrigerated. Other than those, the only cakes requiring refrigeration are those with whipped topping or filling.

16. What cake flavors do you offer?
We offer yellow, chocolate, marble, lemon, strawberry, rum, almond, red velvet and carrot.

17. Do you offer adult-themed cakes?
Yes, we make cakes for bachelor and bachelorette parties. However, those cakes cannot be ordered online. Please visit our store to place an order.

18. Can you make cakes that taste like popular alcohol drinks? We make a piña colada cake and also several types of frozen happy hour pies. They taste just like the real drinks. Call us for details, 301-877-9700.

19. How are your cakes priced? Every cake is priced individually based on size and complexity of design. In other words, the quantity of ingredients and man hours required to make the cake ultimately determine the price. Our website includes prices for most of our cake designs or call our bakery in Clinton, Maryland if you have pricing questions, 301-877-9700.

  • Sheet Cakes – From $30
  • Round Cakes - From $30
  • Classic Wedding Cakes ordered online - $2.50 per serving
  • Premier Wedding Cakes – From $3.50
  • Fondant Wedding Cakes – From $7.00 per serving
  • Tier Cakes – From $175
  • Sculptured Cakes – From $350, regardless of size

20. Do you do cake consultations for weddings?
The consultation fee for our Premier and Fondant Wedding Cakes is $35 which is applied to the purchase of a Premier or Fondant wedding cake ordered within 30 days of the appointment. Re-scheduling with less than 24 hours notice, or arriving late for your appointment will void any refund. You will be given a reference number for any cancelled appointments or changes. Have your date, time and reception site reserved before you make your appointment. Call or email the bakery to see if your wedding date and time are available before making your appointment. Appointments are booked for 30 minutes and are limited to two adults (no children).

Our wedding cake consultant is available for appointments on Wednesday and Friday from 12 pm-4 pm and Saturday 11:30 am-1:30 pm. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to taste the cake samples.

Pay your $30 reservation fee and request the time you would like to schedule your appointment online, and we will send you an email confirmation of the appointment.

21. Can you make a cake of a specific character my child likes?
That's not as easy to answer as you might think. It is a violation of federal copyright law for us to use the likeness of any copyrighted movie, TV, cartoon or comic book characters, etc. on our cakes, with the exception of those characters offered through proper licensing. We could incur penalties of thousands of dollars for such copyright infringement, and you, the customer, could also be held liable for infringement.

However, we do purchases figures and images of many of the most popular characters, which we can place on your cake. If you would like to use a customer's portrait on your cake, we will need a release from the photographer. Also designer purses, shoes, etc. with a designer's initials or logo are illegal and we therefore cannot make cakes with their images.

22. Can you put a licensed action figure I own such as a toy Elmo on top of a cake instead of a licensed Elmo cake decoration? Legally, yes we can. Sesame Workshop gets paid royalties no matter how the toy is used, and that includes placing it as a decoration on a cake. However, the greater concern is that we have no way to know what was used in the making of that toy. There could be, for example, lead in the paint. We therefore prefer to only use approved cake decorations just to be safe.

23. Can I get a price quote on the specific cake I have in mind before ordering it?
Absolutely. Complete this cake estimate form and we will email you an estimate. (Please allow at least three business days for a reply.)

* * *

If you didn't see the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us via email at sales@tiffanysbakery.com or call 301-877-9700. We're delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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