Premier Wedding Cakes

Custom Wedding Cakes Designed & Baked in Our Clinton, MD Bakery -  THE BAKERY IS OPEN FOR ORDER PICKUP.  Please call for days and hours.  301 877-9700.

Congratulations! You're getting married. We know you're probably busy planning all the details of your wedding – the venue, the food, the dress, and so much more. Of course, you want your wedding cake to be special too. At Tiffany's Bakery we've been baking wedding cakes for brides and grooms throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. since 1978. Let us help you create the wedding cake of your dreams. When you choose a Premier wedding cake from Tiffany's Bakery, you get many options to design a cake that's truly one of a kind. Customize it to your theme, colors, décor and flavor preferences. Pictured below is just a sampling of our Premier wedding cakes. We are always available to quote a price for a custom design.

Number of Guests
Our Premier wedding cakes are designed for 50 or more guests with prices starting at just $6.50 per serving. Most people who select this option plan to serve 150 or more guests. (Consider our Classic and Classic Gold Wedding Cakes for smaller weddings.)

When to Order

Due to COVID19 restrictions we are not taking orders in person at the bakery.  Please call to discuss ordering options.
Our Premier wedding cake designs are highly customized to your specifications and often require obtaining special decorations. We ask that you place your order a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.  If you have a last minute order, we'll do our best to accommodate you. Please understand that all selections might not be available to you. Payment of half the price of the cake is non-refundable deposit and is due when placing your order.  Call the bakery for payment instructions.

Cake Flavors
At Tiffany's Bakery, all of our cakes are made with the finest ingredients and are as delicious as they are beautiful. You can choose from a wide assortment of flavors for your Premier wedding cake. Mix and match any of the following flavors: Classic Yellow, Chocolate, Lemon, Almond, Rum, and Strawberry.  Marble and Red Velvet are $.50 per serving additional.

If you're looking for a little extra flavor in your wedding cake, consider our delicious fillings. The following fillings are $.50 per serving: Lemon, Pineapple Custard, Custard, Chocolate Buttercream, Raspberry, Bavarian Cream, Strawberry Preserves, Strawberry-Pineapple, Carmel, Coconut, and Coconut Pecan.
Deluxe fillings are $1.00 per serving: Fresh Strawberries, Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, and Lemon Mousse.

Our Premier wedding cakes are frosted in white buttercream. For an additional charge, the following options are available: Ivory or Other Color - $25,  Chocolate Frosting - $50,

Delivery Not Available 

Cakes can be picked up at Tiffany's Bakery in Clinton, MD. Your cake will be ready and waiting for you on your appointed day. It will be packaged in a sturdy box (or boxes) for easy transport. We're open Tuesday and Wednesday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.   Thursday and Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Premier Wedding Cakes

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