Donation Policy

We donate cakes to schools and other organizations helping improve the lives of children in the Clinton area.    We understand that there are many causes worthy of support, but by focusing our resources in this way we feel our impact is greater.  The cake(s) can be auctioned or raffled so that the funds will directly benefit the organization. We do not make cash donations or provide refreshments to volunteers.

Our Charitable Committee meets monthly to make decisions regarding donations and we give preference to our regular customers.   We also vary donations and usually do not donate to the same organization in successive years.

Please mail your request at least three weeks in advance to us at 8902 Simpson Lane, Clinton, Maryland 20735 using your organization's letterhead with the date and purpose of the event.  Provide the name of a contact person with their daytime phone number and email address.  You will be contacted if we will be able to honor your request.