WeddingCake Cutting Guide

We use a disposable Separator System. The pillars go through the cake to rest on the bottom cake board, providing the support needed to protect your cake during transport. (See illustration on the left). Stacked cakes are pre-assembled in one box for pick-up.

Each tier with the plate and pillars in place is secured in a sturdy delivery carton. Your cake will be in 3 boxes. (50 servings in 2 boxes). The cake must be kept level and cool when being transported. At the reception site, place bottom (largest tier) cake on the table and center the middle tier on the separator plate. Next, center the top tier on the middle tier's separator plate.

We do not count the top (Anniversary Tier) in a number of servings

Two-layer servings, 1" wide, 2" deep.

Start at the top. Remove the top tier and the box for the bride. Remove the separator plate, the four pillars, and the four pillar rings. Slice and serve. Continue working your way down the tiers. Base tier is cut last.

Top view of 3 tier cake (100 servings)

Move in two inches from the outer edge, cut a circle and cut 1" wide slices within it. Move in another two inches, cut another circle, and slice into 1" pieces. Continue until tier is cut.