Classic Wedding Cakes

Affordable, Elegant Wedding Cakes from Our Clinton, Maryland Bakery

One of our specialties at Tiffany's Bakery is making wedding cakes. We've been serving brides and grooms throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. since 1978. Our Classic Wedding Cake line is ideal for those on a budget. These wedding cakes are surprisingly affordable but every bit as elegant and delicious as the more elaborate versions. We currently offer a selection of different cakes, each one with distinctive features. Choose a traditional style yellow cake with two or three tiers and elegant ribbons, hearts or flowers as adornments. You could select something a bit more contemporary and whimsical such as our wedding cupcake tower which makes cake serving a breeze. Cupcake Towers are listed under the Cupcake tab.

All of our Classic Wedding Cakes feature our famously moist yellow cake and smooth, white buttercream frosting. We use only the finest quality ingredients. Select the number of tiers and the colors of any adornments. For a top ornament, you'll have your choice of the ornament shown on the style you select.  Bride and groom ornaments have been discontinued and are no longer an option.

Because a great deal of planning and artistry goes into each of our wedding cakes, we ask that you place your order at least 2 weeks in advance (3+ weeks is even better). Your cake will be ready and waiting for you on your appointed day, packaged in a sturdy box, or boxes, for easy transport. Just pick it up at our Clinton, Maryland bakery.  Call for current hours.

Our Classic Wedding Cakes can be sized to serve 50 to 200 guests, depending on the style selected. They range in price from $275.00 to $1100.00, making them as inexpensive as $5.50 per serving. "Our Price" on the order form refers to the smallest size cake available in that style. To keep pricing low, we can't make any additions, changes or substitutions. We do not offer consultations for Classic Wedding Cakes, however, you are welcome to come to the bakery to sample our yellow cake (call first).  Your order must be placed and paid for online.

TWO WEEKS NOTICE for Classic and Classic Gold wedding cake styles is required. A rush charge of $100 will be added for cakes placed with less than 2 weeks notice.

Fortunately, ordering online is a piece of cake. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Please view our selection of Classic Wedding Cakes below and then click on the one you like. Our simple cake ordering form will guide you through the options. We look forward to creating the cake of your dreams for your special day!

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Wedding Cake Serving Chart
Serving Size is approximately 1" wide x 2" deep x 4" high

Servings Size of Tiers (in inches) On-line Price
50 6 & 12 $275.00
75 6, 8 & 12 412.50
100 6, 10 & 14 550.00
150 8, 12 & 16 825.00
200 8, 10, 12 & 16 1100.00

Classic Wedding Cakes

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